How to find more joy while caring on ‘auto-pilot’.

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Dearest caregiver,
Day in, day out: routine, routine, routine…
Are you caring for you mom or dad or elderly relative on ‘auto-pilot’? Maybe some people
don’t understand your attitude?

Learning more about Stage IV: The Pragmatic Caregiver will give you a much better understanding
of your caregiving situation and your journey.

And don’t forget… you may not feel this way but you are amazing!

Who are you?
You’ve been through it all: hospital admission and discharges; short-term rehab stays in
nursing homes; a vast array of community services. You’ve just been through the health care system
long enough to know that you know your caree’s needs best.

Some family members and health care professionals worry about your ability to find humour in
situations they find offensive. They view your attitude as “calloused” and “uncaring.” Far from it,
you have a very practical, very realistic approach toward your caregiving role–and your
sense of humour has been a critical tool for your survival.
Without your sense of humour, you would have given up a long time ago.

Your Keyword: Welcome
— Welcome the joys of your relationship.
— Welcome forgiveness (of yourself, of your caree, of other family members/friends).
— Welcome shared activities.

Your Challenge
To gain a greater understanding of yourself and your caree.

Your Purpose
You’ve settled into your role and your routine; now is your
opportunity to step back and reflect. The first three stages laid the groundwork for this stage,
your period of personal growth.

As a “Pragmatic Caregiver,” what can you do?
No matter your challenges and what everybody else thinks you ‘should’
do… work on finding joy in your relationship with your caree.
The biggest joy-killer are your hands-on duties: bathing, dressing,
incontinence care. But these duties bring you together, this is your time
together. Add some fun to your hands-on care: sing songs, tell jokes, share goals and dreams and create your best memories.

What’s the next fun thing you can do?

With Love & Care,