Meet Saskia

Hello Wonderful,

Let me dive right into my story and share with you my journey in a nutshell.

It took burning out, losing my corporate job, immigrating to Canada, falling in love, getting divorced, changing careers, and learning new skills, while making tough decisions about my ninety year old mother-in-law and my own elderly parents (who still lived in Holland) before I had the confidence to be my most compassionate, nature loving, free-form dancing, self.

Through trial and error…
I discovered that only when I gave myself permission to be my most genuine and blissful self, I was no longer depressed, nervous, physically sick, emotionally exhausted, or just plain miserable – and making everyone else around me feel the same way too! I also discovered that I am the happiest when I am helping family caregivers to find relief and resources as they get overwhelmed and burnt out from their caregiving journey and supporting them to confidently navigate important life changes for themselves and their parents.

I know it’s hard to believe, but I wasn’t always the accomplished, fulfilled and blissful woman that you see here today.

Every course I took, every person I met, every family I helped, enhanced my body of work. It was only after a lot of time, love and tenderness that I accumulated the knowledge, skills and experience to create the tools and techniques that support my clients in living an authentic, balanced and guilt free life.

I would consider it an honour to have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with you.

After years of expecting others to know what is best for me, I finally gave myself permission to be my own best friend.

Saskia Jennings
Creating Being Well

You too have a choice...

Choose wisely, choose for yourself. Ask for the support you need and get clear on what’s right for you. You will never regret the decision you’re about to make - the decision to invest in yourself. Connect with me now and discover what’s possible.

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