You deserve Holiday Bliss! Save $ 100 On Your Personalized Two-Hour “Emergency Care” Coaching Session

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The Holiday Season is getting into full swing and you are becoming exhausted just by the thought of all that’s expected of you. You want to crawl under the covers and not deal with any more caregiver issues…

What you really want is Holiday Bliss! 
You want easy caregiving with less burden, especially during the holidays so you and your family can have quality family time, peace & joy.

Are you seeking answers to your questions:

Who can support me while I’m feeling stressed out all the time?”
“Is there a way to be a caregiver AND care for myself so I can live my own life?”
“I feel exhausted, guilty and overwhelmed, now what?”
“I’m sleep deprived, don’t eat well, and I have no time…HELP!”
“How can my parents  get sufficient help and stay at home?”

 Saskia is just a phone call away…

This is what’s possible when you work one-on-one with Saskia Jennings:

  • Turn overwhelming emotions and confusion into peace of mind by working 1:1 with an experienced Caregiver Coach & Strategist who knows & understands your challenges.
  • Learn key strategies and coping skills to be the best caregiver for yourself + your parents, without the stress.
  • Explore up-to-date support systems that help you care for your parent(s) the best way possible.
  • Practical tips & tools to make caregiving more effective so you feel more fulfilled, happy & relaxed.
  • Commit to staying empowered and encouraged when you’re about to give up.

I get it! And I can help!
That’s why I offer you my Personalized “Emergency Care” Coaching Session.

In our 2 hour one-on-one session together I will help you to get a grip on the Holiday stress so you can enjoy more quality time with your family. You will:

  • Learn how to turn overwhelming emotions and confusion into Peace of Mind in 3 doable steps
  • Discover key strategies and coping skills to transform guilt & stress into gratitude & joy
  • Explore support systems & resources that help you care for your parent(s) the best way possible so you have more time for yourself without feeling guilty.

This session will be followed up within 2 weeks with a 30 minute Bonus Coaching session, to keep you on track and to answer questions.

Sessions take place by phone or online audio/video platform. Available for clients in Canada/USA/Australia/Europe (english/dutch).
Saskia is in EDT – timezone/Toronto-Canada.
Sessions are available:  Mon-Fri: 9 am – 6 pm EDT (latest time to start) | Saturday & Sunday 10 pm – 1 pm EDT (latest start time). December 24/25/26 are excluded.

I dare you to take this much needed time for yourself, you won’t regret it as you leave this session relieved and empowered, knowing that someone’s got your back.

Purchase your Personalized “Emergency Care” Coaching Session for yourself or as a Gift to a Caregiver in need.
Pay only CAD $ 399.00 instead of regular $ 499.00 – Click here for your payment.
After your payment has been received I will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule your session.

Please note: this is your commitment to yourself. If you’re not ready to accept support and guidance, then this is not for you… yet. And that’s totally okay. In the meantime: get advice & easy tips in my Holiday Bliss blog. Feel free to share with a friend in need.

Any questions? Want to schedule a 20 min consult to find out if this is the right fit for you?
Click here to send me a message and we’ll schedule it in on short term.
Fee CAD $ 79 (this will  be deducted from the 2 hour Emergency Care Coaching Session when applicable).

Personal note from Saskia Jennings, CEO of Creating Being Well:
“For 10 years and in different roles, I’ve been working with family caregivers who feel challenged, lost and exhausted. They are frustrated because they are lacking support, have unanswered questions as well as the need to know simple and practical skills to make caring for their parents easier, effectively and more fulfilling. That’s why I created programs and tools, to ease the burden, to make life easier for YOU!

I am looking forward to support you!

With warmest regards,


Offer expires: December 30, 2017

Refund policy: No refund after your payment; when you are not able to attend your scheduled you can postpone it for a maximum period of 4 weeks after the original seesion-date. I don’t want you to be stressed, that’s why I am passionate to support you as soon as possible and he best I can.

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