THE BEST self-care strategies for caregivers who care for aging parents

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Event: THE BEST Self-Care Strategies for Caregivers who Care for Aging Parents
When: Wednesday June 21st, 2017 | from 7.15-9.15 pm
Location: Swansea Town Hall, Etobicoke, ON (Gemmell Room)

This important workshop teaches you the best key strategies for self-care and includes practical caregiving tips, tools and resources to make your caregiving journey more effective, fullfilling and happy while you stay on top of your own health AND live your own life.

Saskia shares her wisdom and knowledge as a coach and former frontline worker with 10 years of experience in the Caregiver Service Industry.

In this workshop Saskia will help you:
  • Understand why self-care is your first and foremost priority.
  • Discover how REAL SELF-CARE improves your life & wellbeing
  • Gain insight in the practical “stuff” and resources that makes your caregiving journey easier.
  • To go from “impatient” to “I’m patient” in five seconds flat!
    This exercise is highly impactful and helps you to improve confidence, mind-clarity and
    your ability to make good decisions.

For tickets ($ 10) please click: Workshop tickets

Questions?  Please email Saskia Jennings: or click here to leave your message

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