Blog: The Top 3 Goals for Caregivers To Live By in 2019

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Time is flying, another year of caregiving has gone by and here we are in 2019! Happy New Year! Do you have any New Year’s resolutions or is your mind spinning with all the ‘must do’s”, ‘can’t have” and “there’s never time for _______ (fill in the blank) anyways”? Of course, you love your mom and dad and of course, you take care of them… but what about you? Who cares for you? I get it, when you care for your parent your life may be turned upside down. You deal with challenges and situations you never believe would happen … Read More

Caregiver Wellness Circle – Feb 27 – Parksville, B.C.

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Each month, meet with other caregivers in our Caring for the Caregiver Wellness & Support Circle. Share stories, exchange idea, learn new tools and strategies and discover resources for your caregiving journey. Facilitated by Saskia Jennings, Vancouver Island.

Workshop Jan16-2019: Wheeling through the caregiving journey

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Are you caring for a parent or elderly relative? During caregiving, it’s difficult to find the moments to reflect on what you need and what you want. In this interactive session, Saskia Jennings will share the recently-released “Caregiving Wheels”, tools which help you pinpoint where you are and where you want to be. With these wheels, you’ll discover what you want to add into your life: where you are in your life right now which priorities top your list what support do you need and want, right now… Saskia will also teach “From Impatient to I’m Patient in five seconds flat”, a … Read More

How can I help you as a Certified Caregiving Consultant?

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The Caregiving Years: Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey Throughout your caregiving journey, which can last from six months to more than 10 years, the role of family caregivers evolves–and so should the services and the support you receive.  The Caregiving Years describes the path that family caregivers take—from Expectant Caregiver, to Freshman Caregiver, to Entrenched Caregiver, to Pragmatic Caregiver to Transitioning Caregiver to Godspeed Caregiver. Most important, the stages—and their related Stumbles and Steadies—provide a map for family caregivers (and their travel companions, health care professionals) to navigate successfully through the caregiving journey. As a Certified Caregiving Consultant & Educator … Read More

Caring for your parents? How to keep your Sanity!

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Attending to the important needs of your ‘caree’ can be both rewarding AND exhausting.As a caregiver, you sacrifice your own well-being for that of your loved ones. Plus, it’s difficult to find the moments to reflect on what YOU need and want. So how do you keep your sanity? Come to the Women’s Expo FEB 9 in Nanaimo for a day of fun!Join me at 3.15 pm for a FREE interactive one-hour workshop where you discover the purpose of your caregiving journey and walk away with an awesome tool that you can use every day to have a sound mind … Read More

Not sure if caregiving is on your radar? Get the scoop on Stage 1 of The Caregiving Years!

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As promised I’m diving deeper into the concept of The Caregiving Years and start right at the beginning:                                                       Stage I – The Expectant Caregiver. This is the stage where you tell your friends that your parents are healthy and independent and that you won’t be looking after them for a while. The “all is well” kinda thing. I hear this a lot and when they allow me to share some insights in person … Read More

Learn something important about caregiving today!

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Dear Caregiver, The chance is that you became (or are to become) a family caregiver by need, not by choice. Of course, you help. Do you know what to do? Are you wondering: “WHY ME”? Caring for a parent or elderly friend takes patience, insight, knowledge, time and lots of self-love. What if you felt heard and understood as a caregiver? What if you have someone at hand who helps you to find relief, resources and even relaxation? (Even though you might think that’s impossible…) You know, when you expected a child, all your family and friends overloaded you with good wishes, encouraging … Read More

Unique 2-part Caregiver Series – Nanaimo, B.C.

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YOU ARE NOT ALONE! More and more Canadians are struggling with the emotional and financial demands of caregiving. According to Statistics Canada, there are eight million Canadians currently providing care to dependent family members. If it takes a village to raise a child, it could take an army to care for an ageing loved one. We invite you to our unique 2-part Caregiver Series where you will discover tools, strategies and resources to support you on your caregiving journey. Nov. 19th – The Caregiving Years: Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey Supporting the caregiver with insights and a roadmap to navigate the emotional … Read More

I talk about this all the time, do you?

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Dear friend, Are you a caregiver? Supporting a friend or neighbour who is caring for a parent or elderly friend? Most of us will be a caregiver for a parent at some point in time. Local, or long distance. Or maybe you are helping to care for your grandmother. Maybe you don’t think about caregiving as your parents are healthy and independent (well, that’s what you think because they say so.) Are you taking your parents to a doctor’s appointment, help with groceries? Or already fully entrenched in caring for your parents? How is that affecting your own life and health? Who … Read More