Transform Your Midlife Crisis into Midlife BLISS!™
Are you a professional woman who’s stuck on Midlife Crossroads?
Are you wondering:
“Who am I really meant to BE?”

If you’re a Lady who’s responding to the constant challenges your business throws at you, while managing your relationships, your home, your health and looking after your parents…then you’re in the right place.

My Dear Divine Midlife Friend,

I think you are amazing!!
I acknowledge you for everything you’ve achieved. I also know you have a yearning for deeper satisfaction and meaning right now. You give so much every day, but may not feel connected to how important you really are to the people in your life.

Each day, you may feel undervalued by your loved ones.
It’s so frustrating to feel trapped in your life, overwhelmed and tired, but you don’t know what else to do. You want to break free from the limits on your financial freedom and inner worth.

If you are like many women I work with, you may be:

  • Experiencing fatigue, boredom or self-doubt
  • Stuck in fear for the unknown
  • Neglecting your own longings and needs, gifts and values
  • Piling too much on your plate & totally draining your energy
  • Feeling trapped by running your own business while managing too many family obligations & responsibilities
  • Craving change, but keep holding on to what seems safe, secure & comfortable
  • Lacking confidence & courage to trust your heart and unsure how to get support
  • Procrastinating to bringing your inner truth to full bloom
  • Scared by holding on to the feeling that there’s never enough money…

Sounds like a midlife crisis!

Trust me, I know what you’re going through – you’re not alone! I help women like you to transform your midlife crisis into Midlife BLISS!™.

There is a way to build trust in yourself and find the peace and fulfillment you seek and I can show you how.

“I am Wildly Passionate to help You as a Professional Woman to turn Your Fear into Fulfillment, Honor Your Self Worth and overcome Midlife Money Challenges, so You become the One Who You are Meant to Be and Create more Freedom & Success in Your Life and Your Business”

I am committed to support YOU, from woman to woman, so you:

  • Have more time for yourself to relax, travel and grow
  • Discover your Sacred Money Archetypes, revealing the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income and secure your financial freedom
  • Put yourself first without feeling guilty
  • Spend lots of quality time with your family & friends
  • Focus on what’s important for You (without feeling selfish….)
  • Learn to trust yourself & honor your self-worth
  • Tap into your courage & listen to your heart
  • Improve relationships and communication
  • Align your spiritual AND financial Success in your personal life and your business

My recommendation: don’t let time slip by any longer! Now is the time to change the Impossible into “I’m possible”!

My Midlife BLISS! Signature System is the ideal successful coaching program for you where I take you through “5 Essential Steps to Make the 2nd Half of Your Life, Your Best Ever!” 

You bet I’ve gone through the all the steps, I’ve walked the walk.

The first step for you to find out if this is right for you, is to apply for your complimentary Discovery Session where we will explore together “How do I get out of My Midlife Crisis? and how do I awaken my Midlife BLISS!™?

No more excuses, no more procrastination..time to tap into your inner trust!

Now, this is for You if you are committed and ready to take a leap of faith.

Are you ready? Then please email me with a big ‘Yes, I’m ready!’ in the subject line and I will get in touch with you within 48 hours to schedule your session.


Thank you for taking a courageous step and enjoy your transformational journey into Midlife BLISS!™.

saskia-jennings-sign-photoWith Bliss wishes,
Saskia Jennings
Intuitive Cert. Life Coach, Transformational Speaker
Healer & Heart Centered Connector
Courageous Midlife Breakthrough Expert
Sacred Money Archetype Certified Coach